Energy Digital Ecosystems for the

Renewable Energy Industry

The Inenergis Digital Ecosystem platform is focused on the Demand Response energy market. The application focuses on integrating and normalizing multiple business processes using a common platform or control center to provide a suite of customer specific services.  This platform will provide the automation indicated within the business processes defined to support each wholesale market lifecycle segment.  Our business solutions team can help you define and map your business strategy and processes and can assist with the  implementation of a solution that can automate, facilitate and improve your current processes to meet the direction and demands of the renewable energy industry.   Our proprietary platform is flexible and configurable, we follow agile development standards, and can quickly deliver tangible benefits and results.

Staying up to date with your technology and real process improvements will be imperative in the future success of participants in the renewables industry.   We have the technology and the know how to help you. 


The complete life-cycle

Our Digital Ecosystem is an integration platform that coordinates, controls and regulates demand response activity, ensuring operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and customer contract management.  It allows you to enroll and manage your customers, define and manage your programs and participation and market integration The market integration function includes registration in the wholesale market and retail despatch. 


Our platform

We augment our own development capability by leveraging the BPM, BAM, BRMS and integration capabilities of our tech stack. This combination of a great enterprise tech stack and a highly skilled team make a winning formula.

Speed, scalability, efficiency and reliability are the key principles that drive our architecture. 

Everything runs on AWS so we have no infrastructure issues and we can focus on building your solution.


Let us help you

Our specialized Business Solutions Consultants can help you collaboratively define your strategy and business processes and can map each process and event in the relevant business function.  Once your requirements are gathered and defined, we design, execute and implement the solution. 

Our platform is configurable and can be quickly and easily implemented, however, we do custom development as and when needed.


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