Bid Management

Monitor the risk of a Resource on a daily basis and generate a bid offer based on your business rules for the Scheduling Coordinator to submit to the ISO.  

Retail & Wholesale Settlement

Once the Award is processed, complete the Market Participation lifecycle by balancing the ISO invoice and settling payment.

Retail Dispatch

Schedule a Retail DR dispatch to any preconfigured DRMS and track the progress of the dispatch event, including the customer notifications.  Monitor the progress of the event from a single view.

Event Management

Coordinate and sequence independent and discreet business processes amongst participants and stakeholders. Incorporates collaborative Business Process Orchestration across the entire Energy Ecosystem, including: Business Process Event Planning, Configurable Event Management and Real Time Business Activity Monitoring.

Program Management

Track and monitor the health of your DR programs Evaluate participation levels track enrollment and unenrollment and manage exceptions all in one place. 


Manage your business proactively and automatically.  Our Digital Ecosystem, an integration platform that essentially coordinates, controls and regulates demand response activity, ensuring operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and customer contract management is a complete solution designed for the energy retail and wholesale market, but we understand that business needs differ amongst participants, so our platform can also support each business process separately and independently so you can pick and chose which functions you need.  All the functions are fully user configurable so the platform can adapt to your current processes at the click of a button


RETAIL Program management


Eligibility and Enrollment​

Validate your customer's eligibility to a retail program. The workflow engine will monitor and prompt you to the business related activities for the enrollment or unerollment process.

Manage your programs easily and allow them to evolve.


Real Time Analytics

The analytics and reporting portal provides real time data analysis to make stronger business decisions related to the DR Retail Programs and their ISO Market Participation.  Standard reports are offered in addition to custom reports to meet the needs of the business team. Dashboard allows easy access to all information in real time.

Customer Management​

Capture and view your customers' information including specific attributes and their participation in both retail DR programs and the wholesale market.

Wholesale market Participation
Event Management & Real Time Analytics
Location & Resource

Systematically register Locations with the ISO and manage Location aggregation to create Resources within the ISO.   Initiate meter data transmissions to the ISO to meet their metering requirements.

Award & Dispatch 

Retrieve the ISO Market Award and convert it into an actionable Retail dispatch to meet your commitment.

The system can interpret the award and will create the DRMS dispatch instructions, including the initiation of customer notification processing.

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