Founded in 2013 by Oliver Martin and Michael Hearney, Inenergis is a thought leader in the energy industry with a focus for the integration of non-wired solutions across retail and wholesale markets with a goal of providing efficient and flexible energy to all market participants.   Our proprietary Cloud based Digital Ecosystem, allows our clients to seamlessly integrate all the key stakeholders across energy markets by providing a platform to manage and automate the entire market integration process.

 We specialize in the emerging market of Energy Efficiency management at the electric grid level. Our company is pioneering the integration of renewable energy generation programs into established energy procurement Ecosystems. This edgy and sophisticated market sector is growing rapidly in line with the energy market in general. Prosumer driven energy generation has created a paradigm shift in the way energy is distributed, traded and consumed. Inenergis is at the forefront of innovation and enablement through the establishment of a Digital Ecosystem. Our platform provides for an open society in energy management, engaging all stakeholders large or small into this new sharing and contributive environment.


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