Today’s world of sustainable energy generation is fostering a culture of contributive and inclusive power distribution models in the energy industry. As a result a new paradigm in energy management is emerging.   The traditional commercial relationships between the consumer and the utility are now blurred. Change is inevitable in both regulated and non-regulated energy markets. 

" The role of utilities will have to change from being the exclusive provider of grid power. They will need to transform into operators of a grid that uses market signals to manage the flow of power coming from a variety of sources that are outside utility control. Consequently, instead of relying on a captive customer base, utilities will have to transform their businesses in order to become providers of the last resort (when nothing else works) and/or "integration platform providers" for diverse energy market participants " Gartner Report - March 2016

Inenergis provides technology and knowhow that enables energy market participants the ability to create wholesale and retail ecosystems.

Energy Array supports the management, distribution and monetization of renewable energy sources across energy markets

Digital Ecosystems for new paradigms in energy management.

Retail Program Management and Market Participation

Energy ecosystems supporting retail programs can be managed with our Energy Array service platform. Programs and services can be configured by your organization to meet your needs. These programs can be integrated with market requirements .

Customer Management

Eligibility and enrollment


program management

Energy Array’s integrated retail and wholesale energy management capabilities means our Customers are ideally placed to leverage market participation opportunities. Combined with Energy Array’s blockchain trading platform, we enable integration into and across both existing energy markets as well as private markets within communities and ecosystems. Moreover, with our blockchain based solutions we  enable secure, transparent and auditable transaction monitoring for all parties via a decentralized network .



award Management


 wholesale settlement

The introduction of micro grid generation, incentivized energy efficiency programs, consumer/prosumer models and community driven energy pooling are all changing the way that energy consumers interact and is leading to the adoption of local and private energy pools to support and complement established energy markets.  These industry shifts will be enabled by an expanding array of technologies embedded across industry infrastructure -extending behind the meter.  Energy digital ecosystems are evolving where stakeholders will meet to  advance economic, social and statutory agendas.

Wholesale Market Participation

Transactional Billing and Settlement

As part of challenging the existing energy business model, energy digital ecosystems demand innovative pricing, high performance rating and settlement solutions. The Energy Array service platform allows our Customers to create and implement successful pricing strategies in dynamic market environments. This includes transactive pricing models based upon non-metered data sources, as well as supporting existing utility rate structures.

Energy Array’s configurable Rating and Pricing engine supports buy and sell side Contract Management and the delivery of flexible Customer Billing and Settlement services - including the ability to create billing bundles inclusive of rate and program combinations.


customer billing

Retail settlement



Participation of distributed energy resources (DERs) in wholesale markets continues to expand and evolve. DERs have typically focused on delivering energy savings, resiliency, and other benefits but now increasingly reflect customer demand for greater energy control.

In many instances this can be achieved through the aggregation of cross-functional DERs in order to satisfy a given market constraint such as minimum capacity requirements, thus treating aggregated DERs as participants in wholesale energy and ancillary service markets.

Technology Enabled Energy Digital Ecosystems

Energy Array is a highly scalable and fully configurable service platform for use by all energy ecosystem participants.  Our enterprise class business applications has been designed from the ground up with the future demands of energy management solutions at the forefront, embracing high volume, big data and secure transactional technologies demanded by the exponential growth in data volumes and disruptive nature of emerging business models in the energy sector.


Our cloud based solutions are security encrypted over Amazon’s high availability AWS platform and leverage the benefits of the elastic nature of the Amazon footprint providing a foundation for our innovative business solutions for the energy industry.

The Energy Array Platform can be integrated with both internal systems or connected to complementary cloud service offerings.


Inenergis offers single and multi-tenant solutions on a subscription basis.

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